Is it Still worth investing in cryptocurrencies?

Its already 2019 and people are demanding more better lifestyle. Hence looking for extra income sources. and cryptocurrency investment is there in trend from past few years.

One of the way to make extra income apart from your ordinary pay that comes from your daily job. it is possible either by investing or doing something else apart from your standard employment.

Looking at the current investment scenario. numerous individuals have settled in investing in various types of assets and ventures, which is one of those ways to create good amount of cash later on.

Land, shared assets, interest-bearing savings account, is among the other few investment passive choices among majority of people.

In the previous couple of years, cryptographic money has turned into the new substance of investment. Since its commencement in 2009, bitcoin has seen heaps of highs and lows, with it increment and decline in cost. Despite its unstable nature, it got a lot of investor in it since 2009.

Is it Still worth investing in cryptocurrencies?
cryptocurrency investment was there in trend for past few years.

in 2018, the cost of bitcoin fell beneath $6000 which climbed the worries of investors and later gone up to nearly $9000. In this way to tell you cryptocurrencies are susceptible to fluctuations, every now and then you may loose or you may gain. So it is advisable to invest with an amount you can afford to lose.

Regardless of the dubious nature of bitcoin, investors who had invested over a long period of time in the currency. Can now boast of huge sums of money.

If a person invested in bitcoin since 2011 with 1000 dollars, this person will have 4 million dollars to his credit as on today in 9th January 2019, and 36 million dollars as if converted in January 2018.

On the off chance, if your question is still whether it is alright to invest in the crypto.
The answer will be certainly yes, but you have to be ready for the roller coaster ride of, rise and fall of the valuation. It is amazing how bitcoin can surge in price within a twinkle of an eye and fall in price before you are done with celebrating.

Same way $100 invested in bitcoin in 2010 would be worth in excess of 28 million as in December 2017. Hence, just like any other investment, one needs patience and have to maintain risk appetite. if you want to make huge sums in the future.

To invest in bitcoin now you will require gigantic pieces of aggregates today. Right now, bitcoin moves for $3616.03 as at the time of writing this Article.

Apart from bitcoin, there are other currencies also, such as Ethereum Litecoin are just like bitcoin these two can generate huge sums for you in some years to come. (still, risk persists).

And most importantly please take note that, before investing in a cryptocurrency, or before buying new tokens of new crypto.

You would have to learn and educate yourself well enough to enable you to understand how it works. so that you can take decision efficiently. Thank You, Have a great day !!

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